Innovation is a
global exercise

Exposure is key to a
global mindset

Connect the dots in an increasingly
competitive landscape


International Strategy

Analyze the market and build an international strategy that will focus your efforts and further your institution's goals.

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Capacity Building

Build the processes and systems that will enhance student experience and maximize your team's productivity in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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Partnership Development

Identify, develop and formalize strategic international partnerships that align with your organisation's mission and goals.

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Transition Programs

Deliver fun and engaging programs that will help your international students transition personally, academically and professionally.

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International Mobility

Provide your students with a competitive edge in the job market where employers acknowledge and reward the skills gained from time spent abroad.

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Professional Programs

Give your students the chance to improve presentation skills through communications programs that are integrated into the regular curriculum.

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Reversing Canada's Brain Drain

International Students (Millions)


The number of post-secondary students studying outside their country of citizenship has increased more than three fold in the past 20 years.


Source: OECD Factbook 2013

International Interaction



More than 2/3 of employers report that employees interact with colleagues outside of their country.


Source: Culture at Work Report (British Council, Booz Allen Hamilton, Ipsos Reid)

Does your institution needs to think more strategically about international partnerships and programs?

Globetrotters can help you analyze the market identify partnerships, and design and develop programs.

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